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Fire of Anatolia from Alanya

The fires of Anatolia from Alanya will give you an unforgettable experience! You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient world and learn the history of the country from masterpieces! The collective of the ensemble is amazing, and its achievements are included in the Guinness Book of Records!

Fire of Anatolia from Alanya Price

 1 Adult 60€
 1 Children (3-10) 30€
 1 Infants (0-2) 0€

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Details of excursion Fire of Anatolia from Alanya

days Tuesday
hours 17:00 - 23:30
Includes Insurance, guide services, transfers, tickets for the show and dinner.
Excludes Drinks
Recommended Drinking water

Fire of Anatolia from Alanya Program

  • Transfer of tourists from hotels on a modern comfortable air-conditioned bus

  • Information along the way and interesting facts about this dance group.

  • Arrival at the antique amphitheater, where the show will take place

  • Dinner at the restaurant before the show

  • Distribution of tickets to tourists and boarding at the best places

  • The beginning of the show - the first part of the program

  • Break for 15 minutes for the dance group and guests of the show

  • Second part of the concert and performance show

  • End of the program and meeting with the guide at the beginning of the agreed point by the bus.

  • Boarding the bus, checking for the presence of all tourists and returning to the hotels.

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Fire of Anatolia from Alanya Why we should buy excursion

How to get a lot of positive and vivid emotions? There is only one answer: the unique and world famous show Fire of Anatolia from Alanya!

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Fire of Anatolia from Alanya Route scheme and description


Tour Fire of Anatolia from Alanya is very popular with tourists! A truly amazing journey and immersion in the most enchanting performance awaits you! The Ensemble Fires of Anatolia was formed not so long ago, in 1999. The founder of the dance group, Mustafa Erdogan, made the ensemble incredibly popular in many countries of the world! They have already visited more than 85 countries, where they won the hearts of millions of people! They are invited to perform at the best venues, and tickets for the show fly out in minutes! The Fire of Anatolia occupies the honorable third place in the list of the largest dance ensembles in the world! The main composition of the group is 120 dancers! Moreover, it is included in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of spectators who came to their performance in the city of Eregli - 400 thousand people and for the largest number of pa done per minute - 241! This record has not yet been surpassed by anyone!

The Fire of Anatolia from Alanya takes place in an amazing place - Aspendos Arena, which is near the ancient city of Aspendos! The My Alanya Tours company, as the organizer of the excursion, provides guests who purchase this excursion with us, places in the best points of the amphitheter, from where everything will be heard at a glance. A transfer is made directly from the hotels on comfortable buses, and after the show, all guests are transported to the hotels, and all this takes place under the supervision of a guide and chauffeur who are fluent in several languages. Fires of Anatolia from Alanya is not just a show, it is an extravaganza of colors, unique costumes and decorations! The whole action is fascinating from the first minutes and holds until the very end. Professional dancers perform on the stage, and the numbers alternate between solo dances and mass performances. This is an amazing sight! The performances of the show deserve special attention. They have a unique style unlike any other. They delicately combine folk dances, classical ballet and modern choreography. The fires of Anatolia from Alanya bring great meaning to their dances and think over every movement. They tell us about the origin and development of Anatolia. A truly amazing program is waiting for you, where colorful oriental dances are replaced by incendiary lezginka or the enchanting dance of the Dervishes.

Or maybe you would like to see the production of Troy from the famous poem by Homer, which he wrote in 1180 BC ?! We will be happy to organize your trip to any show! The fire of Anatolia from Alanya will delight both adults and children. For your comfort, you will be provided with a roundtrip transfer, moreover, an amazing dinner awaits you. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of seeing with your own eyes a show that excites to the depths of your soul! Learn even more interesting things with an excursion Cappadocia from Alanya for three days, where you can enjoy picturesque landscapes and fantastic landscape and get a great opportunity to visit the Turkish Night show!