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Alanya sea excursions

Alanya Turkey boat trips

Tired of the cold cloudy autumn winter weather and slush? Do you like to devote more time to the sea and sunbathing, for a good tan, good skin and body health? If you came to visit us for this very purpose, then for such our guests there are many sea excursions in Alanya on a yacht with different options, different yachts and routes. Alanya is perhaps the richest region of Antalya for various sea tours and will satisfy every guest of the country and city. Here you can pick up yachts and ships absolutely for any wishes. Among the group excursion ships, you can choose party boats for adults, pirate boat for children, for the whole family, a Viking yacht for young people and middle-aged people, a Catamaran yacht - as a quieter program and for those who are seasick on ordinary ships, and there is also a relaxation yacht without animations and entertainment for a small number of people.

Alanya sea excursions - Each boat is unique in its own way and has its own special route, which necessarily includes all the sights of the city to be visited from the sea. But it differs in the sequence and animations on the deck of the ship. On all ships, you will definitely be served delicious food and there will be many stops for swimming in the bays and the open sea. The personnel of all ships are friendly and polite, and at least every second person is fluent in English, including the captain himself. Among the animations, there may be such as foam disco dancing entertainment various games and competitions, as well as decorating faces like pirates for kids on pirate yachts. In addition, excursions in Alanya on a yacht are organized individually. For those who wish, you can pick up small luxury motor boats with a captain, without third parties in a narrow circle of loved ones to spend a day on the open sea. You can find more detailed information on all tours among the products or by contacting online managers through the messenger, chat site, or by leaving a request on our website.