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Where to go snorkeling in Alanya

Alanya has several interesting places where you can snorkel and see the underwater world, not just sandy bottom and seaweed

Where to go snorkeling in Alanya

Snorkeling in Alanya is best away from the city beaches. There, near the coast, if there is any living creature, it masterfully hides from the noisy crowds of people. Therefore, you should not expect a colorful underwater world from Cleopatra Beach, where every square meter of the coast is occupied in the high season. In addition, fish and other marine animals prefer rocky areas of smooth sandy surfaces. Considering that in Alanya most of the beaches consist of smooth sand or small pebbles, there is nothing to fish there.

But, if you walk a little further along the coast, you will find wild beaches with stones and boulders, on which it is extremely inconvenient to relax, but it is interesting to snorkel. If you go snorkeling from the shore, take special shoes, plenty of drinking water, an awning and sunscreen.

The most convenient and interesting option for snorkeling in Alanya is to take the Fishing and Snorkeling tour. You will be picked up directly from the hotel, taken by comfortable transport to the seaport, where you will be transferred to the yacht. Here you will find several locations for fishing and exploring underwater attractions, including the Caves of Pirates and Lovers. Stops will be in quiet places, away from tourist areas. It is in such areas that you can see a variety of fish, crabs, octopuses and even turtles. You will have full-fledged snorkeling and fishing, which will leave positive impressions for a long time.