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Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya

Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya - for outdoor enthusiasts! You will find exciting adventures and unforgettable feelings of delight! You will raft on the picturesque river, walk along the mountain trails and, if desired, fly on the zinpline!

Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya Price

 1 Adult 35€
 1 Children (7-12) 18€
 1 Infants (0-6) 0€

Zippling,canyoning,canyon trek,river rafting

Details of excursion Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya

days Every day
hours 08:00 - 19:00
Includes Insurance, guide services, lunch, equipment.
Excludes All drinks
Recommended Swimsuits, comfortable shoes, second set of dry clothes, drinking water

Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya Program

  • ONLY WITH US, you can book for free canoe for 2 people from the manager, when placing an order.

  • Transfer tourists from hotels on a modern comfortable bus with air conditioning

  • Arrival at the destination - at the beginning of the river from where the alloy starts

  • Instruction in Russian language and division into subgroups

  • Equipment and boat landing

  • The beginning of the route is 5 km

  • Rest by the river and photo shoot

  • Continued fusion - 5 km

  • Lunch break by the river at a local restaurant

  • Free time and animations for tourists with a guide

  • Continuation of the route - 4 km of alloy to the end point

  • Hiking in the canyon under the guidance of a guide

  • Introduction to the ancient values of Keprylu Canyon

  • Arrival at the site of the zipline - 100

  • Passage of the bungee

  • Departure to the finish point and change wet clothes to dry before boarding the bus

  • Return delivery of tourists to hotels

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Would you like to have an incredibly cool day? Rafting excursion three in one in Alanya - will give you a sea of ​​emotions, drive and great mood!

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Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya Route scheme and description


Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya will please all fans of active pastime and water rest! After all, the main part of the Rafting Three-in-One Tour in Alanya is connected with a water journey that promises to be fascinating and breathtaking! The tour is interesting for its unusual route, which has already managed to appreciate thousands of tourists. You can see the amazing reviews on the Internet! What is the peculiarity of rafting excursions three in one in Alanya? To begin with, you will be brought to the base, where be sure to conduct a safety briefing, because we have an 11-hour tour of the picturesque and sometimes difficult corners of nature! Each participant will be given protective equipment and distributed to small groups. Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya is conditionally divided into three stages. We will go to conquer the magnificent mountain river Kepryu-tea in the fantastically beautiful canyon of Kepryulu. In addition, you will find a walk through the canyon of Kepryul, where you will open dizzying and charming panoramic views. The Kepru Tea alloy is accompanied by an instructor who will control the entire descent. We will stay in one beautiful place, where you buy enough, and fans of jumping will be able to dive from the bridge or ride on a bungee.

Next, there will be the second stage of the tour! We will continue rafting along the turbulent river and get to the point where we will go to the walking path along the canyon trails leading to the ancient ruins of the ancient city. Physical activity is high, so you should eat well! We will visit a local restaurant, where you will not only have a delicious lunch, but also enjoy great views of nature. How to get even more extreme? The third stage will help you here! You will continue rafting on the Kepru Tea River, and you will have a great opportunity to experience the zinpline! It's an amazing and cool test! You will be attached to a metal rope thrown through the canyon and you will make a descent from a bird's-eye view! You are provided with a full adrenaline boost! It's an unreal feeling!

You can buy a Rafting 3 in 1 from Alanya on our website or through a manager who will answer your questions. Children under the age of 4 and with poor physical training, pregnant women and those with heart disease are not allowed on the tour. Rest should not harm your health, choose suitable for you Excursions in Alanya on our website and spend time comfortably and safely!