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Extreme adventure in Alanya

Extreme excursions in Alanya Turkey

Don't like wasting all your precious time in Turkey on the hotel and the beach? Prefer a more active way of spending your time? It means you are at the right time and in the right place. Alanya is a unique province of Antalya and is renowned for its diversity. Here, every guest will find entertainment and spending time to their liking. Among lovers of outdoor activities there is a special category of people who prefer extreme adventure in Alanya to visit. Such people are always looking for new sensations and adventures in new places, and Alanya is rich in such places and excursion organizations. In this section of goods, you can choose tours to your liking. Our travel agency will use all its professionalism to make your day at the appropriate level.

Extreme adventure in Alanya - The most popular programs in this category are paragliding, mountain river rafting, jeep safari and quad safari. Each of these programs is unique. For example, a jeep safari is an opportunity to visit an extreme tour even with children from 5 to 6 years old. In one day, you will receive a sea of positive emotions and get to know all the delights of Alanya's nature. Such as Dim Cay, Dim Cave, Reservoir of the city, freak plantations, everyday life and much more. On a quad safari, you will have the opportunity to independently control powerful iron horses on wheels and carry them through all the beautiful landscape places of the Taurus Mountains. Choosing a paragiding program in Alanya, you can experience the thrill and the sea of adrenaline at a bird's eye view on a parachute, together with our professional pilots and instructors. Alpine rafting is a living water park in nature at a safe level, but with many animations and entertaining competitions between boats on the river, along the amazing Köprülü canyon. You can find more detailed information on all tours among the products or by contacting online managers through the messenger, chat site, or by leaving a request by filling out the form.