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Horse riding in Alanya

Make your vacation a vivid experience! Horseback riding from Alanya will be an excellent option for relaxing with your family and loved ones! You will take a fascinating tour of the picturesque places and the ancient city! Accompanied by guides - instructors, the whole journey will be exciting for everyone

Horse riding in Alanya Price

 1 Adult 50€

Details of excursion Horse riding in Alanya

days Every day
hours 09:00 — 16:00
Includes Guide services, insurance horse riding equipement
Excludes Drinks
Recommended comfortable and sportswear

Horse riding in Alanya Program

  • Transfer of tourists from hotels on a modern comfortable air-conditioned bus

  • Arrive at your destination for a horse ride

  • Comprehensive instruction and training

  • Distribution of special equipment

  • Start of the tour horse riding in Alanya

  • Visit to the Turkish villages of the ancient fortress and panoramic points in the mountains

  • Stops at beautiful places and a photo session.

  • End of the route, boarding the bus and departure to the hotel.

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Horse riding in Alanya Why we should buy excursion

Have you long dreamed of meeting amazing and incredibly intelligent animals on the planet? Horseback riding from Alanya will make your wish come true!

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Horse riding in Alanya Route scheme and description


Resting in Turkey, we recommend that you go on an excursion Horseback riding in Alanya! You will take a trip to the most beautiful corners of nature! Horse riding in Alanya will be an interesting adventure for all ages, because horses have been a faithful and close friend of man for centuries. Don't worry if you have never interacted with horses or practiced horse riding! We will teach you everything! All horses are very calm and accustomed, which will allow even the most inexperienced person, who is sitting on the saddle for the first time, to quickly become friends with his horse and ride it without stress for complete pleasure. You will feel how these cute animals understand and obey you in one small movement. Horseback riding from Alanya will begin from the magnificent center, where cute horses live, where you will be taken from the hotel by a comfortable bus. The center is located in the town of Demitrash, which is only 35 minutes drive from Alanya.

Horse riding in Alanya consists of several stages. To begin with, you will be introduced to horses and told about these wonderful animals. Experienced instructors will carry out mandatory training on safety and riding rules. After that, you will be given protective equipment and you will try to ride under the supervision of an instructor. When everyone is ready, the second stage of the tour begins - a trip to the wonderful places of Turkey! With an excursion Horseback riding in Alanya you will visit the ancient city of Syedra. This amazing city is located on a hilltop along the Mediterranean Sea. Dizzying panoramas will open before you on the endless sea surface stretching into the distance! You can take stunningly beautiful photos and enjoy all the splendor of nature! We will walk along the ancient streets of Syedra and see the preserved sights, which are anxiously guarded by the Turkish authorities. You will come across city buildings and buildings, where fragments of a mosaic, a triumphal arch and artificial reservoirs have been preserved on some walls.

Next, we will visit the residents of the local village, where interesting stories about their traditions, national treats and aromatic apple tea are waiting for you. If you are interested in the history of Turkey, customs and culture of its population, then it will be interesting for you to visit an exciting excursion dance show Fire of Anatolia , where the history of the country's life will be presented in a colorful performance. On the way of the route we will pass through Mount Taurus, through the lush green of the forests and enjoy the amazing views from the bird's eye view! You can book a tour by filling out the form on the website or by contacting the manager through any messenger convenient for you.