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Mahmutlar ancient city

Within the boundaries of the modern resort of Mahmutlar, among the banana plantations, the ancient city of Naula is hidden. Rather, what has remained of it and has survived from the time of the Roman Empire to the present

Mahmutlar ancient city

The ancient city of Naula is located in the northeast of the resort, among the streets of Mahmutlar, 200 meters from the sea. Some 1,500 years ago gladiator fights were held here, and now mothers and children freely walk around this territory. The ruins of an amphitheater, four churches, two towers, fountains, a fortress wall, a column street and other artifacts have been preserved in Naula. It is known that this city was built at the end of the Byzantine era, in the 6th century AD.

Presumably, this was the residence of Pompey, in which he rested during his campaigns. I am glad that the city-monument is not fenced in anything and anyone can enter it.

The area of ​​the ancient city is large, there are many well-trodden paths. The hill where it stands can be bypassed from different sides in order to see everything thoroughly. And Naul also has many underground passages and loopholes, which obviously keep their secrets and mysteries. It's not easy to get to them. But, for an ordinary walk, what can be seen with the naked eye is quite enough. The entrance to the ancient city is located from the eastern part of the hill (the one farther from the sea).

The historical journey can be brightly continued with an excursion to Kursunlu Aspendos Side from Mahmutlar. This is a very interesting tour in which you will visit two ancient cities and enjoy the beauty of the national park with a picturesque waterfall.