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Scooter rental Alanya

Are you planning a vacation in Alanya and want to spend it without visiting group excursions by yourself going to the sights? All you need to know and how to rent a vehicle is in our article today.

Scooter rental Alanya

Alanya is a tourist city that every year receives a multi-million dollar number of tourists from all over the world. This part of the Mediterranean coast is especially appreciated and makes absolutely all its guests fall in love with itself. The province is so diverse and beautiful that you don't even want to leave here. Here, perhaps, the largest concentration of the local population among all the provinces of Antalya. In addition, this population is growing every year, and most of the new settlements are citizens of other states who buy real estate here. Alanya has a unique location between the two heights of the Tauru Mountains and is located at the southernmost point of Turkey and Antalya. Thanks to this, it has the longest beach season in Turkey and lasts 6-7 months. And the whole tourist season is 8 months. Among the villages of Alanya there is also a Russian-speaking village - Mahmutlar. The vast majority of the inhabitants of this village are Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of other states of the former USSR. The population of the city at the moment is more than one hundred thousand. Popular means of transportation are bicycles, electric scooters and mopeds, as well as regular motorcycles and gasoline scooters.

Scooter rental Alanya - price

The cost for renting a moped is probably the most stable in all of Antalya. If in other regions the prices can differ significantly depending on the season and demand, here the difference in price is very small and may be in the models and power of the motorcycle. Regardless of which town you are in, in almost every lane, every 200-300 meters, you can find offices that provide motorcycle rental services. Renting a motorcycle in Alanya costs from 20 to 25 dollars, depending on the unit. Models of world brands will cost a little more than others, but even on them you can get pleasant discounts if you take them for a long period of 5-7 days. We advise our guests to be as vigilant as possible when renting motorcycles in Alanya, as there are many little things that most people do not pay attention to, but these details require vigilance. If you do not have a lot of experience in driving these scooters, then without fail we advise you to overpay a little, but warn against such unexpected cases as scratching the body, side mirrors, punctured wheels, etc. For peace of mind, you will have to overpay a small amount, because the driving mentality here can be very different from your city. However, insurance is not an obligation, but a choice.

Rent a motorcycle in Alanya - conditions.

  • 1) Everyone who wants to rent a scooter in Alanya must have a category A license with him, which allows him to drive a motorcycle.
  • 2) The price quoted in this blog was based on real value and provided by local car and moto rental companies in Alanya
  • 3) The unit rented from the company can only be operated by the person named in the concluded contract. Here the data on the person's passport and his driver's license are indicated. If the tenant provides management to third parties, then all responsibility will be on him, and the landlord has the right to include additional penalties in this case in the clauses of the contract. Therefore, it is recommended that you read all the points very carefully before signing.
  • 4) The landlord usually includes an additional deposit in the contract in case of violation of traffic rules by the tenant and refusal to pay. All violations are paid in full by you. If there were no cases and the moped was returned without any damage, then this deposit is fully refunded to you.
  • 5) Check the coincidence of all data on the unit rented by you and specified in the concluded contract
  • 6) Inspect the moped completely and you can even keep a video of the photo fixing the unit to confirm the condition before receiving from the company.

Where to go, what to see in Alanya on your own on a scooter?

Alanya - as the largest and richest in attractions province of Antalya, will delight all guests with its diversity. Here all contingents of guests will find interesting places and entertainment for themselves. In the center of the city itself there is its symbol - the red tower and the Alanya fortress, which you can independently reach by moped. The fortress is located on the mountain, and the red tower is at its foot. Not far from the tower, you can visit the famous Damlatas cave in Alanya. Taking a ride around the city, you can go a little to the mountains where there is a favorite place for both tourists and locals - Dim Chay. This place is a great option to hide from the sultry heat and relax in the cool mountain river with its unusual restaurants right on the water. Such places are especially worth visiting on your own and not being tied to the group and guide. Among the independent programs, we can also advise individual excursions. Today, even boat trips are available at affordable prices without a group and a guide, as an private yacht in Alanya. Another point where you should definitely go is the Sapadere Canyon. Its height is more than thousands of meters and waterfalls that envelop the canyon make this place even more beautiful. There are mountains above you on both sides, and between them is a semi-metal bridge 800 meters long and 2 meters high. Going down the stairs, you can swim in this paradise under the waterfalls. Many other attractions can be found in Alanya for an independent visit.