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Tophane Alanya

Tophane is an amazing neighborhood in Alanya with charming houses and streets located right on the slope overlooking the sea

Tophane Alanya

Houses in Tophane in Alanya are built along the medieval fortress Alanya Kalesi, erected in the 13th century by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. Tophane means the fortified tower of the Arsenal, which was built in 1227 and served as a reliable element to protect Tersane (shipyard) from capture. This is a three-story rectangle made of hewn stone slabs.

Scenic panoramic views and vibrant nightlife make the area a popular destination for young people. It is very clean and beautiful here! That is why there are so many luxury villas here. It is interesting that in the courtyards of houses in Tophane there are tanks with water and large solar panels, with the help of which it is heated. The thing is that there are no natural sources of fresh water nearby. But, this does not bother anyone. It has everything you need - banks, schools, kindergartens, pharmacies, shopping centers, boutique hotels, spas, restaurants and attractions.

One of the attractions in Tophane (Alanya) is the beautiful mosque. The building was built in the 19th century. Original materials and details distinguish it from modern city mosques. The doors and roof are made of solid cedar and larch.

Be sure to take a walk through the fortress, here you will find yourself in the atmosphere of the past. The majestic building consists of 140 bastions and 83 towers, between which a wonderful view of the coast opens.

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