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Cleopatra beach in Alanya

Guess which beach constantly receives the blue flag for the cleanest sea and well-groomed territory ?! Right! This is the same Cleopatra beach in Alanya.

Cleopatra beach in Alanya

Long ago, the Roman emperor Mark Antony gave his beloved an unusual gift. He chose this place because she loved cedar forests, azure sea water and the majestic cliffs surrounding her. The only thing that the enamored emperor did not take into account was the sand that stained the queen's legs. But for Her Majesty, this was not a problem. She quickly ordered the sand to be brought here directly from the Nile Delta. This is how, according to legend, the beautiful Cleopatra beach in Alanya appeared.

The coastline of the beach is located at a powerful promontory, at the highest point of which there is a Seljuk fortress, built in the 13th century. Not far from the beach is the Damlatas cave, famous for its beauty and healing humid air that heals the problems of the respiratory system. The sandy strip stretches for 2 km towards the village of Manavgat. On the promenade you will find all kinds of water activities - from riding bananas to traveling in the depths of the sea to the pirates' treasures. There are also children's zones and sports corners, cafes, bars and restaurants. Cleopatra Beach in Alanya will not let anyone get bored. The coast is small-pebble for the most part, but the left half of the beach has a sandy entrance to the water. The entrance is shallow, but not very long. After a few meters, the depth increases, so those who are resting with babies need to be careful.

Beach holidays alternate well with sea travel. Renting a yacht in Alanya will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Alanya coast from the sea, see the legendary caves, take a break from the noisy bustle of the resort in the company of loved ones.