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Where to swim with dolphins in Alanya

In the blog we will tell you where you can swim with dolphins in Alanya, how much it costs and how to get there

Where to swim with dolphins in Alanya

Looking for a place where in Alanya to swim with dolphins ?! - Visit the Sealanya Dolphinarium. This is a large park of marine animals, where you can watch shows of dolphins, sea lions and seals, and then get to know them better. Dolphins are amazingly intelligent marine animals. Here they are kept in good conditions, they play with them, they are taken care of and it is immediately felt. They perceive a person as their friend, they easily make contact. These dolphins charm absolutely everyone with their skills, friendliness and endless positiveness.

We have a combined Dolphin Swimming tour, which includes transfer from the hotel and back, guide services, entrance ticket. This includes a 25 minute swim with dolphins. During this time, you will receive a powerful charge of impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. Dolphins are the best psychologists, you will feel this in the process of communicating with them. One gets the impression that all thoughts about problems suddenly disappear, being replaced by the most positive emotions.

The tour price will be $ 125, but believe me, it's worth it. We recommend to absolutely every person. The most vivid experience in the resort is where you can swim with dolphins in Alanya.