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Where to go in Konakli

In Konakli, we recommend going to the Sharavsin Caravanserai, strolling around the city center, visiting the colorful eastern market, an old mosque and some other interesting places

Where to go in Konakli

Konakli is a compact city, so it will not be difficult to walk to all its attractions on your own. Want to see what hotels looked like a few hundred years ago? Walk to the Sharavsinsky Caravanserai. This is an amazing architectural monument that was erected in the 13th century and was part of the Great Silk Road. For several centuries, the Caravanserai was a hotel for traders and ordinary travelers. Here you could spend the night, water the horses and relax before the road.

In Konakli, it's nice to just take a leisurely stroll around the city. Walk through the narrow streets where there are many small shops with souvenirs and clothes. And then relax in the park in the shade of trees. The city center has a beautiful fountain, a Turkish mosque and a clock tower. The central street is opened by the architectural composition "Pony".

And in the evening in Konakli, go to the Summer Garden Club - a romantic hangout place surrounded by palm trees and flowering shrubs. There is everything for a pleasant and relaxing stay - a pool, a bar, a restaurant, a waterfall, incendiary music, to which you want to dance.

Diversify your holiday with excursions from Konakli. These are dozens of vibrant destinations in the surrounding area and throughout Turkey. Moreover, all tours are provided without intermediaries at the lowest prices in the region. Let your vacation in Canals be the best and be remembered for a lifetime.